Upcoming Young Professionals Event:

Fall 2019  | Date and Location: TBD

The Young Pros Co-Op brings together existing young professional organizations and networks to join in an empowering session while providing opportunities to engage in current advocacy efforts aimed at improving opportunities for women and girls.

To view pictures from our last event, CLICK HERE.

Purpose of the Young Professionals Co-op

The Oklahoma Women’s Coalition’s Young Professionals Co-op is a group of young professional organizations across the state of Oklahoma, ages 21-40, who are committed to improving the lives of women and girls in Oklahoma through leadership development, networking opportunities and mentorship.

Young Professionals Co-op members help achieve the Coalition’s mission by:

  • Networking with other young professionals who share a belief in our mission;
  • Being an ambassador and spreading the word about the mission and work of the Coalition;
  • Sharing opportunities in the community where the Coalition can become active;
  • Participating in Coalition events including Advocacy Committees, Day at the Capitol, OneVoice Luncheon, volunteer work and educational programs; and
  • Establishing and participating in mentorship relationships with affiliated organizations, women and girls.

Young Professionals Co-op should achieve the following goals for OWC:

  • Develop future leaders and board members who are educated about the challenges facing women in our state;
  • Provide volunteers when needed;
  • Cultivate individual donations and future donors

For More Information Email Nicole Eubanks at: nicole@okwc.org