Oklahoma Women’s Coalition is not a single non-profit organization with a definite policy change to be enacted. No organization acting alone can solve large-scale issues like the ones facing Oklahomans. Oklahoma Women’s Coalition is the backbone that seeks to unite organizations across the state.

The Oklahoma Women’s Coalition works to honor and amplify the voices most affected by, and often excluded from, decision and policy-making conversations. This work leads to:

  • Systemic change that creates a more equitable and just Oklahoma.
  • A safer and healthier place for those of all genders and races to thrive.
  • Stronger communities throughout the state as human rights and freedoms strengthen for the most unrepresented and underrepresented.

Key aspects of the Oklahoma Women’s Coalition Organizational Partner program include:

Advocacy: The Coalition works with organizations to identify solutions to improve equity. Based on this input, Oklahoma Women’s Coalition prioritizes policy objectives during each legislative session and serves as the advocacy liaison at the Capitol for organizational partners and supporters working collectively to improve the status of gender equity and racial justice in Oklahoma.

Collaborative Efforts: Our partners attend Coalition programs and serve on issue committees to guide the Coalition. The only way we can build collective power across the state is to have a network of partners working together to identify opportunities, brainstorm solutions, and implement big goals.

Educational Events: Educational events provide the opportunity for partner organizations to shape the Coalition’s advocacy and programming priorities while sharing in decision-making power and leadership. The network of individuals and organizations serve as the megaphone for a clear and unified call for gender equity and justice in Oklahoma.

Promotion: The Coalition highlights organizational partners’ projects, programs and events on our website and through our broad-reaching social media platforms to increase public engagement with and awareness of our partners’ mission, services, and goals.

As a Coalition Partner, your organization can:

  • Gain insight and information about policy initiatives and legislation impacting gender equity
  • Connect with organizations and community leaders across Oklahoma that share your issue concerns 
  • Build the Coalition’s legislative priorities by identifying policy solutions in health and wellness, criminal justice reform, violence prevention, and economic security
  • Increase awareness of your programs and events among active supporters and donors across the state
  • Receive relevant updates regarding the Coalition’s advocacy and educational efforts with ways to get involved

We hope you will be a part of the Coalition’s partnership program – your voice and representation is needed.

Contact us today for more information or partner now!