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OWC supports Equal Pay efforts at the Capitol

Proposed bill could aid equal pay efforts in Oklahoma
Lacey Eastes | Oklahoma Gazette For the full article, click here.

“Equal pay legislation builds a brighter future for women and their families, said Kendra Horn, executive director of Sally’s List, an organization that recruits and trains women to run for political office in Oklahoma.

Horn cited statistics by the National Partnership for Women and Families, which reports that women head 183,000 family households in Oklahoma.

Nationwide, the nonprofit advocacy organization showed that mothers are the sole breadwinners in nearly 40 percent of families.

Married women serve as breadwinners in more than half of American families.

“When we increase wages for women, we don’t just impact women,” Horn said. “We impact families and the overall strength of our economy.”

Pay inequality is an issue among parents and grandparents, said Danielle Ezell, executive director of Oklahoma Women’s Coalition.

Today, young girls are told to dream big, work hard and achieve any career goal. The conversation doesn’t include facing pay inequality.

“We’ve promised them they can be anything they want to be,” Ezell said. “We’ve encouraged them to work hard and go to college. We’ve passed laws to ensure when they get to work, they wouldn’t face gender discrimination and harassment. It is time for us to pay women fairly.”

HB2929 by Representative Jason Dunnington


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