Executive Director (interim)

Chelsey Branham  |  director@okwc.org  |  405-537-4296

Chelsey Branham serves as the interim Executive Director of the Oklahoma Women’s Coalition, the state’s leading advocacy organization for women and girls.  Chelsey is a powerful change-maker, Chickasaw citizen, former elected State Representative, executive consultant, data analyst, professor and has been an active supporter of OWC for many years.

Chelsey has over 15 years of experience in leadership development and facilitation in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors.  She is passionate about cultivating diverse perspectives to find innovative solutions to economic, policy, and other social issues impacting Oklahoma women and girls.  As a true champion for equity, Chelsey has always been fiercely dedicated to the elevation of the voices of Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian and all women and girls of color.

Chelsey has a proven track record of success in coalition building and effective partnerships development at all levels of government and across all corners of the community.  As a state legislator, she was a strong advocate for racial and gender equity and social justice.  She propelled key legislation at the Oklahoma State Capitol, including criminal justice reforms, sexual assault victims’ rights, youth homelessness, health education, and more.  During her service, she helped to launch the bi-partisan and bi-cameral Women’s Caucus to help bring law-makers together across difference to solve our state’s most complex issues.  Through House Resolution 1021, Chelsey gained bi-partisan support in declaring the month of April Sexual Assault Awareness month for the State of Oklahoma and Senators and Representatives joined her in wearing denim in observance of all survivors.  As Interim Executive Director, Chelsey brings this rich background and expertise to help shape conversation and advance forward-thinking public policy to improve the lives of all Oklahomans.

Chelsey has a long history of serving the community through nonprofit work, including as the Director of Community Equity, at YWCA OKC.  Through the Racial Justice and Economic Empowerment forums, she brought government officials, businesses, and service organizations together through coalition-building to solve complex challenges intersecting their work.  Through her work at the Global Enrichment Solutions Foundation, she worked to build cross-cultural connections and foster greater awareness and dialogue through positive relationship cultivation.

In Chelsey’s free time, she enjoys playing with her two boxers, Rylee and Ginsburg, olympic lifting, being out in nature every chance she gets, and spending time laughing with friends and family.